Delicious Bookmarks vom 17.12.2010

Das sind meine Links vom 17.12.2010:

  • FollowFriday – Twitter’s Ranking of the most recommended tweeps
    Have you seen a tweet including #FollowFriday (or #ff shortened) and a list of user names preceded by the @ symbol? This tradition was born spontaneously within the Twitter community to recommend your favorite tweeps to your followers. This portal counts all of these recommendations and computes a ranking of the most recommended Twitter users in the world.
    twitter ranking tools statistics followfriday ff directory
  • 10 Creative Uses of the New Facebook Profile [PICS]
    Facebook users are showing off some serious creativity by taking advantage of the new profile page photo layout.

    French artist Alexandre Oudin (below) has been identified as the creator of the craze, and more and more designs are now emerging. People have been playing around with their profile pics since Facebook (Facebook) first launched, but the new redesign allows for some inspired fun including clever animations, typography and photography magic.
    facebook images profile cool inspiration 2010

  • Nuji
    A new digital shopping experience is hoping to bring some practical targeting to the world of the super deal.

    Launched on 8 December, London based Nuji is a web service which allows users to tag a product by scanning its barcode or snapping a photo with their phone. On retail websites, users can download a bookmarklet for easy tagging of any items they want.

    Nuji is a free service where you can share and discover products you love with like-minded people.
    Sign in or register to Nuji through Facebook connect. Learn more.
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