Daily 12/13/2011

  • „In conclusion, by creating a single cross-platform social experience metric we believe we have a more objective view on social media ROI. Currently, social return is stated as £ return per “click” or “like” but the EIC takes evaluation to a much higher and impressive level. While a pure ROI for social media maybe some way off, the Cost per Facebook EIC or, Twitter EIC does give a comparative and dynamic view of whether the effort and investment behind social media has translated into an efficient return on experience. From where we are currently, that is real progress“

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  • 5 Strategic Points about CoIT

    Evidence is growing that current productivity gains aren’t coming from traditional IT investments. They are coming from somewhere else, or the cost of IT is collapsing radically. Almost certainly both are true by comparing slides 3 and 4.
    There is far too much new tech for any centralized process (like IT) to absorb. New types of processes must be created that can unleash and scale the application of powerful new technologies (next-gen mobile, social business, cloud computing, big data, etc.) to the business..
    If the only real constant is change, change must be in our DNA. But these ‘genes’ are usually not present in large enough quantities in the enterprise. This is the concept of moving from fixed processes to dynamic relationships embodied by the Big Shift in order to transform the enterprise as we know it.
    Some changes will be more transformative than others. While mobility is the hot topic right now, social business and big data will have the largest long-term impact and especially the former will have truly game-changing and transformative consequences.
    Ten to hundreds of times more apps and data are coming soon, get ready for it. Cultivate the skills, create enterprise app stores, build social layers into the organization, define decentralized enterprise architectures (really, business architectures), and create a new CoIT playbook. Or this will all route around you. 30% of IT is already outside the purview of the CIO and growing fast.“

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  • Social Media Technology
    Social Media Technology = Social Media

    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing = Social Media + Community

    Social Media Initiative
    Social Media Initiative = Social Media + Community + Purpose

    Social Organization
    Social Organization = social media + community + purpose + management“

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  • „Just about a year ago I predicted that 2011 would be the year of the QR Code. That we would see these little squares popping up everywhere especially in America as smartphone sells continue to climb.

    Looking back over the past year I’ve given quiet a few talks on QR Codes their power and scenarios for best us. When used propertly QR Codes can add value. When not used propertly they’re just wasting space.

    QR Codes should be used to connect

    something in the physical world

    to something in the virtual world.“

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  • „This means that marketers will need to rethink how they approach content creation and distribution. They will need to understand how content will be broken down from the source and aggregated elsewhere across the web. This means that brands will be everywhere. And they will be nowhere. They will be surfacing on potentially any website, and they will no longer exist as a whole in any place with meaningful traffic – that does not also have aggregated content from elsewhere. As a concrete example, this means that marketers will need to stop thinking about their Facebook page as a destination – a place to drive traffic to, and instead start thinking about it as a platform for publishing – a place to create content that will surface in many places.

    In Grouped, I argue that anyone working in marketing or advertising needs to build a base of knowledge in a few new areas. One of those areas is understanding networks, how they are structured and how they work. The profound changes above are the reason why. Is your marketing team learning about networks, disaggregation and network effects?“

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  • „A Brand Stream emerges when there is not just a single source involved in shaping a brand image, but it is also influenced by people participating in that brand experience. Those people become an interactive part of the brand, passionately defending it and, to a certain degree, even defining its identity.

    A recent example of a Brand Stream is the presidential election campaign for Barack Obama. The person brand Obama was not only built by the campaign team. Of course, its initial creation was strategically planned and orchestrated by Obama’s campaign managers, but it was a chain reaction of factors beyond their direct influence, which were eventually leading to the campaign’s successful result.

    To understand the working principles of Brand Streams, one has to examine the principles of branding and the liberation of media by consumers. Brand Streams are an entirely new phenomenon, following the basic principles of game theory and networking theory.“

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  • So what can we expect in 2012 in a world that seems to grow ever connected by the hour? Here are six predictions to ponder, in no particular order:
    – Convergence Emergence
    – The Cult of Influence
    – Gamification Nation
    – Social Sharing
    – Social Television
    – The Micro Economy

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  • It’s time for my annual prediction of small-business trends.

    No matter what business trends are reported in the media, small businesses will always adopt them more slowly and in ways that don’t follow the hype.

    – Social networks evolve into markets

    – Content becomes conversion
    – Mobile powers local
    – Customer service goes community
    – Search moves to apps

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  • „Blogs can be powerful marketing tools. Blogging can also be a highly demanding endeavor.

    Even the most prolific writers can find themselves with a serious case of “blogger’s block.”

    1: Google Related Searches
    2: Google AdWords Keyword Tool
    3: Wordtracker’s Keyword Questions
    4: Google Analytics (or Other Traffic Analytics Program)

    When blogger’s block strikes, some basic keyword research can provide a fresh batch of blog post ideas.“

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  • „Welcome to C.

    C is 299,792 kilometers per second.

    C is the speed of light.

    C is about the human drive to explore, to break boundaries, to survive.

    C is a new way to experience science fiction, forgoing CGI and greenscreen in favor of homemade optical effects.

    C is a longtime dream of ours that we are finally making a reality.“

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  • „Die nachfolgende kurze Checkliste dient der Orientierung und soll dabei helfen, was man vor dem Test Setup nicht vergessen darf. Sie setzt zudem voraus, dass man bereits ein A/B- Testkonzept im Kopf hat und weiß, was man auf welcher Seite testen möchte. Idealerweise ist die Variante B bereits entwickelt.

    Checkliste: in 8 Schritten zum A/B-Test

    Sichern des Status Quo
    Dauer des Tests berechnen
    Anzahl Conversions auswerten
    Wahl der A/B – Testmethode
    Traffic Segmentierung
    Statistische Signifikanz
    Conversion Goals
    Auswahl Testing Tool und Setup“

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