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  • 1. The Archivist
    2. Tweriod
    3. ManageFlitter
    4. Buffer
    5. Hashable
    6. Qwerly
    7. Twileshare
    8. Twoolr
    9. Deck.ly
    10. Proxlet

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  • They want to act, but are afraid of getting it wrong:

    they don’t know what is involved – cost, time, people, reputation
    they don’t believe you can get an ROI calculation
    they don’t know if their organization and/or their people are ready
    they don’t know who to trust to show them

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  • As I mentioned previously, back links can be built with social bookmarking. How does creating links targeting your website provide help? The good answer is this, major search engines really love popular websites. Having quality back links (from other websites of your identical niche as you and have an acceptable page rank) can really help you to ultimately rank very high in search engines! Assuming you have the money in order to outsource, you are able to buy these kinds of links. Nonetheless, if you’re seeking a free technique to do so, Social Bookmarking is your best solution.

    In this article, you will discover approaches towards social bookmarking.

    1. Bookmark web pages with a back link to your site
    2. You are not selling whatsoever on social bookmarking sites
    3. Just be short and sweet
    4. Several extra recommendations
    – a. Don’t spam
    – b. Bookmark high quality material that you know may help other users.
    – c. Bookmark other websites as much as your own. You will be stunned just what others can do for you too.
    – d. Any time you are bookmarking to a few bookmarking website, re-structure the title and description.
    – e. Leave feedback on your bookmarks, notify other people know the things you think about it.

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  • How’d you like that title? Impressive huh? Well, it’s time to get real and let you know that you shouldn’t be fooled by me or any other vlogger. Our deepest darkest secrets that help us to connect with an audience through video are only manipulated versions of what you already know or have done yourself. The truth of the matter is that when most people envision themselves in front of a camera and talking, they think there’s a wrench thrown into their approach. Well, there’s not. If you think of the camera as simply a documenting tool, then you will make those same connections that I have with my audience just as successfully. It’s time to put away the stage fright and have a real relationship with your viewers! Here are my tips to make those connections happen:
    – Know Your Audience 
    – Give Them What They Want
    – Be Consistent
    T- alk WITH Your Audience, Not At Them
    – Sing The Praises Of Your Audience
    – Be Yourself

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  • FaceBook is the perfect platform to find & connect with like-minded individuals who are interested in your message. With over 600 million members it’s a pretty safe bet that the people in your target market have FaceBook accounts & are using FaceBook on a regular basis.
    The problem is where do you find these people? And how can you connect with them?

    1. Your website or blog is a good place to begin
    2. Tell your email list
    3. Invite people from your other Social Profiles
    4. FaceBook adverts
    5. Facebook SEO
    8. Viral Spread

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  • The Top 25 Best Practices for Drafting Policies and Guidelines

    1. Define a voice and persona representative of the brand’s purpose, mission, and characteristics
    2. People expect to interact with people, be personable, consistent, and helpful
    3. Keep things conversational as it applies to portraying and reinforcing the personality and value of your brand and the brand you represent
    4. Add value to each engagement — contribute to the stature and legacy of the brand
    5. Respect those whom you’re engaging and also respect the forum in which you participate
    6. Ensure that you honor copyrights and practice and promote fair use of applicable content
    7. Protect confidential and proprietary information
    8. Business accounts are no place to share personal views unless they reinforce the brand values and are done according to the guidelines and code of conduct
    9. Be transparent and be human yes, but also do so based on true value propositions and solutions
    10. Represent what you should represent and do not overstep your bounds without prior approval
    11. Know and operate within the boundaries defined, doing so protects you, the company, and the people with whom you’re hoping to connect
    12. Know when to walk away. Don’t engage trolls or fall into conversational traps
    13. Stay on message, on point and on track with the goals of your role and its impact to the real world business in which you contribute
    14. Don’t trash competition, spotlight points of differentiation and value
    15. Apologize where applicable and according to the established code of conduct. Seek approval by legal or management where such action is not pre-defined
    16. Take accountability for your actions and offer no excuses
    17. Know whom you’re taking to and what they’re seeking
    18. Disclose relationships, representation, affiliation and intentions
    19. Refer open issues or questions to those most qualified to answer
    20. Practice self-restraint, some things are not worth sharing
    21. Empower qualified spokespersons to offer solutions and resolutions
    22. Seek the ap

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  • For all of SXSW’s cutting edge digital technology, the primary connection tool is still a paper product: the business card. Post-conference, participants may spend spend hours imputing contact info and responding via email. As a solution, two business card apps, Blinx and Hashable, will help network-hungry entrepreneurs ditch the antiquated model of exchanging tiny rectangular slices of printed paper. For those who have returned from the conference, Cardmunch will help digitally archive them accurately, based on pictures of card sent to a human transcriber.

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  • In der öffentlichen Wahrnehmung ist Facebook vor allem ein riesiges soziales Netzwerk, das den Kontakt von Menschen quer über den Globus erleichtert. Doch der Kommunikationskonzern ist keineswegs eine neutrale Kontaktbörse und Mitteilungs-Plattform, sondern ein kommerziell ausgerichtetes Unternehmen. Facebook erzielt Milliardengewinne mit der Entprivatisierung seiner Nutzer, indem es deren Daten erfasst und zu präzisen Werbezwecken an Dritte weitergibt. Dass dabei nicht nur die Privatsphäre der User, sondern auch Datenschutz und Urheberrecht nach deutscher Rechtsprechung auf der Strecke bleiben, scheint das Unternehmen, das bei genauerer Recherche immer dubioser wird, nicht zu stören. Sascha Adamek war dem zweifelhaften Internet-Giganten auf der Spur und fördert in seinem Buch „Die Facebook-Falle“ Brisantes zutage.

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  • … makes it dead-easy to recommend tweeps on Twitter. FFH shows you a filtered list of users you interact with on Twitter. You can then write more personal #TY, #Gratitude, #FollowFriday (..etc) tweets using the user’s name, URL, bio and location with just a few clicks.

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  • Have you ever felt like your followers were missing out on your tweets?
    If yes, then Tweriod is just the tool for you!
    Tweriod will analyse your followers‘ streams, work out when they are online the most and let you know the best time to post your tweets!

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