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  • „Over 4,000 toys later, we’ve realized that the social in this social good campaign didn’t really mean Twitter and Facebook. It meant bringing together people in real life to meet their social communities and participate in giving back during the holidays.

    Yes, we may start online, but to make a difference and understand what it is to be social, we have to understand our success isn’t measured in followers but the change we inspire through these tools.“

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  • Here’s what I’m not using it for: phoning it in on Twitter. While it can do that and reasonably well (I used it for this purpose during the holidays), it’s still not going to deliver game-changing results for you, since a large part of social media is the social part – interacting with other people. Phoning it in and getting results requires you to have unbelievably awesome content worth sharing, and very few of us have that.

    What am I using it for? Periodic reminders. What I’ve done with Buffer is create something of a chart that helps me lay out the basic reminder framework I’m using:

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  • 1. What have you achieved in the overall process?
    • How has the recruiting landscape changed within your organization? What does the Employee brand look like now? Is there more “activity” in your recruiting function?
    2. Have you realized your reasons and goals for embarking on this journey?
    • When you first set out to build your SMRS, you recorded a list of criteria that outlines what success will look like. Did you make it?
    3. Have your resources delivered on their expectations over this time?
    • Did everyone that was asked to contribute do so?
    4. Have the technologies and tools you used provided you with the right channel for sourcing talent and engaging with candidates in Social Media?
    5. What are your Returns on Implementation?
    6. Is there a reduction in hiring costs vs. improved quality of talent, if these where part of your initial objectives?
    7. What mistakes did you make and how did you learn from these to make your overall strategy a success?
    8. If you feel the strategy was a failure, what better ways can you improve on your processes in order to ensure you achieve a reasonable success in the long term?

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  • 1. Many hands make light work
    2. Authenticity means everyone (or at least more than the Marketing Dept.)
    3. Remove anxiety as a barrier to entry
    4. Take attendance and inventory
    5. Set up social media monitoring stations and give everyone access who wants it
    6. Create an editorial calendar and begin sharing content

    The idea is to connect your organization with social media at key places in ways that make sense and are realistic given your resources.

    It won’t be perfect and it won’t be entirely smooth, but that’s real life. And this is social media trying its best to be a part of it.

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  • As a victim of being bullied, I am living proof that you can make it. That good can still come from your pain. I am venturing out in the world to help bring awareness to this issue. I’m looking forward to this journey and would love to hear what you have to say!

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  • „#1. Words are evocative. Words are vehicles which act as shorthand which unfurls in the reader’s mind. Wion said that their #MeetTheFarmers hashtag received a mostly positive response so it is incredible that no one saw that a change would have a potentially different response by widening the field. If you are going to use social media hashtags tread carefully, think about what the words evoke and retain the strength of your conviction.

    #2. Retain control. Social media is a notorious vehicle for losing control. As a matter of fact the very definition of social media is that you give up a certain measure of control of your brand to its followers (and hope for the best). So it makes sense to try and create some kind of guidance and scope by controlling what can be discussed. The #MeetTheFarmers hashtag was inspired because it focused the mind upon what was the true message of the McDonald’s Twitter campaign and limited any scope for widening the field to anything beyond the current conversation. By changing it McDonald’s threw the field wide open to anything which had to do with its stores and there the feedback was bound to be less than positive.

    #3. Do not fail to respond. While the #McDStories hashtag (which was negative) was taken off the #MeetTheFarmers one (mostly positive) was allowed to remain in a move which is cynical, fools nobody and only highlights the fact that McDonald’s may have a Twitter account and a social media manager but has no sense of what social media actually is. Yet.“

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  • Erstmalig haben sich dieses Jahr über zwei Dutzend Auto-Blogger aus Deutschland zusammen gefunden und verleihen gemeinsam den deutschen “Blogger Auto Award” 2012.

    Gewählt wurden Fahrzeuge aus den Kategorien Minicars, Kleinwagen, Kompaktklasse, Mittelklasse, Obere Mittelklasse, Luxusklasse, Sportwagen, Cabrios, Geländewagen und Vans.

    Es ist in der deutschen Blog-Szene ein bislang einzigartiges Projekt, dass sich Blogger aus einer Nische zusammenschließen und einen gemeinsamen Award in ihrem Themenbereich vergeben. Das Ergebnis dieser offenen Zusammenarbeit von Automobil-Bloggern aus dem Land, in dem das Auto erfunden wurde, ist nicht weniger als ein zukunftsweisenden Projekt und wurde, ungeachtet der ökonomische Konkurrenzsituation, als blogübergeifendes und gemeinsames Vorhaben umgesetzt: Spontan und subjektiv, dabei glaubwürdig, professionell und gewissenhaft.

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